Winter Vacation homework


Winter Vacation Homework [2074 B.S.]

Grade: IX

  • Computer: Page 294 (Model question)
  • Opt Maths: Solve all the questions of First term and Second term in separate copy.
  • Account: Journal, ledger, subsidiary books from the book exercise.
  • Social Studies:
  • Collect any two important news items of recent political happenings of Nepal from any of the newspapers and attach them to your exercise sheet. Discuss how these facts may impart significant contribution of Nepalese history in future.
  • Draw a pie-chart of the given data.

Major religions and their followers in Nepal

Major religions                                     Followers in %

Hinduism                                               81.3

Buddhism                                              9

Islam                                                       4.4

Kirat                                                        3

  1. Draw a neat map of Australia and locate the following:

Tasmania, NSW, Victoria, Great Barrier Reef, Darwin, Queensland, Western Plateau Lake Auld, Lake Eyre, Murrey Darling River

  1. Visit a historical site(s) and prepare a report on the basis of the given sub titles.






  • C. English
  • Write a review of a book/film that you have recently read/watched.
  • Write a leave application to the Principal of your school requesting him to grant you leave for five days as you will have to attend your uncle’s marriage ceremony.
  • Write a letter of apology to the Principal of your school begging excuses for returning to school late by 5 days.
  • Submit a sample of an official and a personal letter each collecting from any sources that you can access.
  • Science
  • What are radicals? Write down the molecular formula of 20 chemical compounds by criss – cross rule.
  • Write down 15 word equation and convert them into balanced chemical equation.
  • Draw a figure to show dispersion of light.
  • Draw a figure to show that internal reflection in right angled isosceles glass prism.
  • Draw a figure to show lunar eclipse and solar eclipse.
  • Solve any 10 numerical problems from your text book.
  • What is mirage? How is it formed? Explain with figure.
  • Draw a well – labelled diagrams of the following:
  • Internal structure of human eye.
  • Internal structure of human ear.
  • Mention various permanent tissues found in the plants and write in brief about them.
  • EPH
  • Environment, Population and health are inter- related. Explain.
  • Define biodiversity. List the plants and animals found in your locality with their scientific name.
  • Define consumer’s health. Explain how we can achieve healthier life?
  • What is meant by marriage? Explain different types of marriage that you have noticed in your locality.
  • C. Mathematics Solve the following questions from the text book.
S.N. Exercise Question No.
1 1.2 8. a & b
2 2.1 13. c, d and 14 a
3 2.2 11. a, b
4 3.2 5. a, b
5 3.3 5. a, b
6 6.4 (a) 1. h & i 2. h, i, & j
7 6.4 (b) 2. m& n 3. d, j, m and n
8 7.1 5. e, g, i and k
9 8.2 5. a, c and 6 a, b
10 17.2 8 &9
11 18.4 4 b & c
12 12.2 2. j and k 4. a, b
  • Experimental verification and theoretical proof of theorem 6 and 7.
  • Nepali
  • Write a paragraph on the topic “Mahavidhyalaya ko barsik utsav-2074”
  • Write an essay on any topic of your choice.

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